We were very fortunate to find Dyan

As soon as we were married, my husband and I focused in on the first time homeowner process. We both had little to no knowledge of this process, and needed someone to not only guide us but teach us in the process. My husband worked with Dyan’s husband and he causally mentioned his wife was a realtor. What I liked off the bat was that Dyan’s husband casually mentioned it, not forceful or awkward at all. We set up an intro call, thinking just answering basic questions, but Dyan wanted to know our whole story, our likes, dislikes, what we picture as a first home, what our non-negotiable lists were, areas of interest, etc. She took all of this information and we hopped to it! We had a tight deadline and lots of ground to cover. We received daily emails with listings and were bale to pick, along with Dyan’s suggestions our listings and start touring. When we started, we were excited, and overwhelmed. The first house definitely looked better on paper, but instead of simply saying lets move to the next house, we discussed what we did not like and why. This is important in the process as much as just liking something. Throughout the next homes we viewed we learned so much, regarding the exterior materials, water heaters, AC units, quickie renos, etc. It was fun to learn all the bliss of what makes a house! Additionally, Dyan was just as adventurous as we and ventured into some great neighborhoods and not so great neighborhoods, never saying do not look there.

Then we found the house my husband and I both loved, which again is important. Knowing our tight timeline, Dyan expedited the process for us to put in a bid and have the first inspection within 48 hours. From there you would think Dyan’s work was done, but it was not! She linked us up with Philadelphia Mortgage Advisors and was helpful and responsive in everything needed.

Dyan made herself available on our limited schedule, was kind, tough when needed and extremely knowledgeable. Anyone who worked with Dyan was as well!

We were very fortunate to find Dyan and would not only recommend her expertise but in the future use her again!

Best of luck house hunting!