We highly recommend Dyan. ​

We have the experience of buying and selling five homes. We interviewed four agents before selecting Dyan. She was clearly head and shoulders above the others we talked to and turned out to be the best agent we have known. Her analysis of the market was spot on. She showed us her research and provided a subtle and what turned out to be a highly accurate analysis of the market — most importantly going into the necessary detail on the comparables so that you could understand what was REALLY a comparable and what was not. Then, unlike many of the agents we encountered, she helped set the price so it advantaged getting the maximum, realistic profit, as opposed to undervaluing the house so there would be a quick, no-muss-no-fuss turn-over and the agent could grab his or her fee and move on.

Dyan staged the house expertly (and even took great pictures for the website.) She identified the changes we needed to make in how our furniture was arranged to enhance the home’s charm and practicality for a wider range of buyers (she even brought over a table and chairs from her home storage to help create the feel we needed.) Dyan’s advice included investing in some kitchen and basement modifications and she provided a list of reasonably-priced, quality contractors to work with. We were nervous about whether or not we could really get the return on these improvements that we hoped for but our confidence in Dyan allowed us to to move forward.

Dyan anticipated that there would most likely be competitive bids for the house and set up the process so that we had the best opportunity to exploit that. Bottom-line: The plan worked to perfection. We had a buyer’s open house on Sunday, an agent’s open house on Tuesday, received two offers on Thursday for more than the asking price and then wound up accepting an escalating bid that was willing to go up to $10,000 more than the next highest offer. It was all over in less than a week and we closed without a hassle in 30 days.

Frankly, we were amazed. It was just like she said it would be. We maximized our profit on the house (and more than made up for the costs of the improvements.) In the final analysis, we could not be happier! Obviously, we highly recommend Dyan.